Enjoy Cut or Truss Roofs from Lindford, Hampshire

From cut roofs to truss roofs, our roofing specialists have the skills and resources needed to supply a wide array of attractive roof designs. Based in Lindford, Hampshire, CRB Carpentry Ltd works tirelessly to ensure a fantastic finish every time.

What We Offer

The services we provide are available for all roof structures and fascia, as well as timber and plastic. With a wealth of experience providing brand-new roofs as well as extending existing ones, we’re sure to produce results that will delight you.

Free Quotes

Before any work is carried out, we’ll provide you with a free quote for the services we offer. In order to produce an accurate price estimation, we’ll require adequate drawings of the project in question. These drawings are typically provided by an architect. You’re free to hire the services of an architect of your choice or allow us to consult one of our trusted partners.

Permissions and Regulations

Please note that all work is subject to planning permission and Building Regulations.

Contact us today, in Lindford, Hampshire to find out more about our cut and truss roofs.